Monday, October 11, 2010

SVN Support in Komodo Edit

One of the features that makes a great IDE is version control support. Some really nice features like the ability to see what lines have changed in a file and revert a single line are built in to many IDEs such as NetBeans. However due to the issues I outlined in an earlier post NetBeans just won't work for me on the Mac. So I reverted to the tried and true Komodo Edit IDE.

Subversion support does not exist out of the box in Komodo Edit, and once you get it working it is much more basic than the grandiose features of other IDEs but it works and it is certainly better than nothing. You can follow the instructions found here or you can just download the KPZ file there. One thing I discovered was missing from this toolbox though is the ability to delete from subversion. I added another tool that gives this ability, it relies on you just deleting the added file then clicking the subversion delete button. Sorry about the ordering it appears that Komodo Edit only lets you set toolbox items alphabetically.

Your order of operations prior to check in now becomes (Note 1 and 2 are interchangeable) :
1) Click the Subversion add button. This will pickup any new files in your project.
2) Click the Subversion delete button. This will remove any files deleted from your project.
3) Click the Subversion check in button. To finally commit your project.

You can read the blog I linked to for info on how to checkout a project and how to update.

These files are now hosted in GitHub along with a similar tool set for Git Version Control.
Here is the link to the GitHub Repository

If you want to read more about the Git tool set check out my blog post about them.

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